FREE Webinar tomorrow night!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Loyal fans,


Just in case anyone is checking this and would be interested, tomorrow night you can see my lovely face live in webinar through Landry Academy.  Those deets again are Tuesday, June 23rd at 9pm.

This webinar is entitled "Celebrate Creation with Joseph Haydn" and will include a mini-lesson on Haydn just like I teach weekly for Landry PLUS a free bonus: A 7 day devotional about Creation--both the Biblical event and the oratorio by Haydn, written just for this webinar by yours truly.

You can access the webinar HERE.  I would suggest you log in about 15 minutes early, especially if you've never used Blackboard Collaborate as then you'd likely have to download their launcher app.  The webinar will take about 1/2 an hour.

This is the second webinar I've presented which will hopefully continue as a series--the last one was Celebrate the Advent Season with Handel's Messiah which I presented last November.  It was a great success and also included a 25 day Advent devotional (so if you'd like to see that, scroll down the page of the above link and you'll see it there--webinars are recorded so that anyone can watch them at any time :-) )  I have plans for a Bach webinar/devotional about St. Matthew's Passion and also Vivaldi and his Four Seasons. Very excited about these!

So remember, tomorrow, June 23rd at 9pm.  See you there!