Cow Crossing

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So now, what would you think if you saw this headline?

Canadian cows crossing US border without proper papers

Border patrol: Excuse me, Mrs. Cow, can I see some ID?

Clarabell Cow: mmmmmmMMMRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr(dong, dong)

BP: Oh I see, you're going to school. Can I see your F1?

CC:MMMMMMMmmmmRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr (dong)

BP: No, I'm afraid your bell doesn't fit the requirements. Follow me please....


BP: (into radio) Can I get some back up for a possible illegal bovine immigrant , repeat illegal bovine....

Babies, Hayden and my other Kids

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The twins are doing well. Rhonda called last week to say that they were going to send them home to Barrie, but ran into some being that when beds come free, they only come one at a time, and they obviously need two. Also, they do seem to be having some kind of difficulty with tolerating their ng-tube feeds, but I'm unsure of the details there. They are taking breastmilk fine, but only a certain way (either gravity or 'gavage' feeds, or with a pump, I'm not sure)
Speaking of babies, Rhonda herself could pop anytime. She's 37 weeks along right now and is due for induction next Wednesday. She was having some pretty serious labour on the weekend though and less I get too graphic, let's just say that things are ready for baby to come. I can't wait to see if the ultrasounds are right----a new girl cousin for my two girlies!

And finally, notice the new link on my sidebar. Since my posts about Hayden will soon move down and out of view, I wanted to gather them all and make a little spot for him permanently. It's not quite finished, as I plan to add some photos of the items in his memory box, but the posts are there. Thanks.

We've started homeschooling! It's fun. Well, it's preschool-homeschooling so of course it's fun! We sing, we dance, we act, we glue, we paint, we trace, we do lots of creative stuff from a great book I bought called 'Little Hands to Heaven'. We finished week 1 today!!
Still struggling with Jairus' therapy though. It's looking more and more like there's nothing available for him as a homeschooled special needs child. That really sucks.

Anyway, I have a new home schedule to keep us on track, and this is not my blogging time, so off I go!!