Friday, April 21, 2006

Did I mention that I had 16 people for Easter? Two parents, two grandparents, 8 siblings, two spouses, one significant other and a nephew (can we put a tune to all that?)

I kinda like doing the big dinner thing--a little sad that I likely won't in the new house. It doesn't have nearly the size of dining room. How strange is our society, that we would 'upgrade' to a new house and end up with less room? How can two cities 15 minutes apart list virtually the same house with thousands of dollars different in price?

I won't complain however, because there's too many good things going on. Our new house might be smaller in footage, but the bedrooms are laid out more suitably for our family, we'll be in Hamilton- closer to family, my job, medical resources for Jairus and hopefully my husbands' business.

Of course I'm talking like all of this is for sure--I suppose there's a slight chance that something will go awry. We did our house inspection the other night and it was really, very good. The inspector--(oh yes, Sherlock Holmes, I kid you not) was impressed with the solid construction. Only a few things to take care of, one we were aware of from the start (an ancient, rusting AC unit sitting on a 45% angle cannot be healthy).

So now we're just waiting to hear from the bank. I'm not worried, just...impatient. There's so many things I'd like to start working on--paint colours and new furniture, maybe some new flooring.

Ring phone...ring.


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