Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NO! Not the rabbit!

I mean real live bugs, all over my house.

Don't they know we're moving? Don't they know that we don't really own this house anymore? (ok, so technically until closing I suppose we do)

It started with the ants. Our present house is rather old, about 80-90 years and pretty much since we moved here, every year we've had to get John the bug guy to come take care of them. He's a good guy. We usually just pay once and he'll keep coming back all summer to check on things, or if I call. (That's Tri-City pest control in Brantford, if anyone's needing such services)

So as usual, the ants creep in once the weather gets warm. Oh, but wait, first I have to tell you about the hot tub. Of course, it broke. Two weeks after we sold the house. Over 700$ to fix it and we HAVE to fix it because everything has to be working when we hand the key over!!!
So back to the bugs. Ants. In the bathroom. The bathroom, you say? Why are ants in the bathroom? Because my kids go in and wash their hands. But before their grubby little hands get under the water, the crumbs fall off on the floor. Ant buffet. Grrrrrrrrrr!!

We get home last night from being away pretty much all day. While we were gone, The Dog, usually a passive, lazy, somewhat dense large beast, decided to see if there was any fruit in the fruit bowl he could help himself too. Of course in the process, he pulled the GLASS fruitbowl on the floor where it smashed into a gazillion pieces. Fortunately, his widdow paws were ok. But something that was in the fruit bowl attracted some honey ants. (What the heck are honey ants? I found out a year or two ago, when I opened my baking goods/cereal cupboard and found these miniscule ants crawling ALL over and INSIDE various food stuffs---gives me the grody shivers just thinking about it) To top it off, as I'm picking up the remains of what was in the fruit bowl, one of those huge centipede like critters scurries out and hides under a bench in our kitchen. Which is under the kitchen window. Where on the window sill there sits some other huge black flying insect that I really couldn't identify.


After we swept and vacumed up all the glass and itsy-bitsy ants, I cleaned up the kitchen good. Sprayed some Raid around. Hope I don't have to call John the bug guy AGAIN
Then the final straw; I went down to put some laundry on. Between packing and exchanging winter for summer clothes (always a process that take way longer than I anticipate) I'm way behind on my laundry (yeah, who's not). I'm pulling clothes from a pile on the floor and what do I find? Among the clothes?

Oh yes. Ants.

So I pull all the clothes in that vicinity into a basket, take them outside and shake them all off. Now my arm's sore.

Can I hear the violins? Thank you.


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