Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have weird and vivid dreams. Anyone who knows me has likely been exposed to this. Sometimes, they're vivid, and make no sense, just a collage of scenes with people I may or may not know. But lots of times it's like I've woken up after watching a movie. Every once in a while (a very long while) a dream, or part of one comes true. Very weird.

Last night I had a dream that I died. Sort of. In my dream, when I looked in the mirror, it wasn't me looking back, but my friend Heather, who's wedding I sang at last fall. Instead of Jairus, Honour and Verity, I had three boys, but one of them was named Ashley, or some other feminine name, and he....dressed and looked like a girl.

I had been abducted, with the three kids. For a long time, I was held prisoner at some kind of abandoned campgrounds. Me and the kids thought we'd never get out. Finally, I had to take some kind of drastic and very brave action to get free---somehow it involved faking my death. I remember walking across a barren, snow covered field. There was a tombstone with a name on it. It wasn't my real name, but in my dream the name I saw there was mine.

Suddenly I was walking into a downtown building, like an inner-city rec. centre. I looked like myself again...at least, my hair was brown and I was wearing tattered jeans and other comfy, but very shabby clothes. There were a bunch of kids around doing all sorts of activities--like painting a mural. A pastor I know here in Hamilton was in charge, Pernell. I went over and talked to him and he was shocked to see me, because....I was supposed to be dead. He started telling me how this operation was going, because it was new. He gestured over to another pastor who was helping him, a guy I know in real life, another pastor from up north. I went over to talk to him as well, and he was really freaked to see me alive too. Gave me a big hug.

For some reason, I couldn't return to my family. I was totally on my own and basically had the clothes on my back.

Where does my brain come up with these things??


Darryl said...

three cheers for pastor friends!

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