A new venture

Friday, August 16, 2013

Of all the experiences of the world, horseback riding is right up there with pottery making for me.  I've tried it, back in my early teens, pretended to like it and haven't gone near a horse (or a pot) since. (Ok, I think James took me for a carriage ride in Chicago one year).(and I don't mind painting pots, just throwing them).

However, the horseback riding gene must have slipped through to my daughter, likely through James' mom. When we first started making our trips out to 'the property', Verity spotted the many farms along the way, some with horses in the fields and asked if she could take horseback riding lessons.  I gamely said sure, not realizing a) what our finances were going to look like after moving (a mess) nor how much such a venture would cost.  Needless to say, I put her off for more than a year after getting into the house.

Finally though, I felt I had to follow through on my word, however hastily spoken.  I devised a plan whereby the grandparents would help out with the cost of some lessons for her birthday.  The plan came together nicely and Verity excitedly headed off to a month of weekly hour and a half lessons at an extremely impressive facility about a 1/2 hour away, just west of Brantford. (Burford to be exact).  I was pleased at the advantage homeschooling offered again, as we could have our pick of daytime slots.

She LOVED it.  I didn't think this kid could take to something as easily and enthusiastically as gymnastics, but she did really well with it.  I puffed a little with pride when after nearly every lesson, the teacher raved about how quickly and easily she was picking it all up, and how accurately she was remembering all the previous lessons.

Here she is learning how to care for the horse.

And up she goes!

Doesn't she look like a pro!?  (Sorry, didn't mean to gush...can't help it!)

Verity and 'Pearl'.

She loved the lessons so much that of course, she asked to continue.  12 hours of gymnastics a week, plus the finance aspect of both that and further horseback lessons pretty much forced us to have to say no.  But, hating to disappoint her so, James and I decided that we would take advantage of one of her summer training vacation weeks from the gym, and scrape together enough to send her for day long horse camp in August.  She's already gearing up!  So excited!


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