Settling in

Friday, July 14, 2006


So things are starting to normalize. It's quite a relief. There's relatively few boxes around--as long as I don't go to the basement or my husbands office. Still lots to be done, but I guess this is going to take longer than I thought.

When we last moved, Jairus was only 14 months old and sat passively in his high chair looking at books while being tube fed (45 minutes a shot), and slept twice a day for 4-5 hours total. All this means that I had plenty of hands-free time to get unpacked and walls painted. That's been the hardest part--I can unpack a box here and there while the kids are doing whatever, but I can't set up all the painting stuff and furthermore, actually paint without someone keeping an eye on them. They come into the room and touch the wet walls, or stand at the doorway where I've shoved a bookshelf to keep them out, and cry and call out and can't figure out why mommy won't let them in.
But still, I'm encouraged. James got the last of the kitchen cupboard handles on last night, so now I'm not breaking or bending back my nails trying to get handle-less doors open. We put in new cupboards from Ikea (Fagerland style) and new counter, neither of which I've/we've ever done before, and I think it looks great. The girls room is painted and curtained and I'm really pleased with it. Princess purple (lilac, really) with matching princess curtains. I think they like it too. It was either Dora or Cinderella. Jairus' room is next, though I'm not painting. Got some cute Disney 'Cars' fabric yesterday to make his curtains. He's not seen the movie, but has seen previews, so he recognized the material at the store yesterday.
And tonight we'll head up to Fair Havens to see my mom and dad and the kids. Mom's up there in the trailer for a few weeks while workmen tear their house apart, putting on some additions. I always look forward to going up, if just for a few days.

SO, sorry not a terribly interesting post, but it's what we're up to.

Come see us! Really, things are quite settled down now.


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