Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Tuesday. I get to stay home today. I both like that and feel tired by it.

I'm somewhere between 36 and 37 weeks. I'm really not sure how far because there's the dates my midwife and I established when I first started seeing her last fall, and then there's the date from my first ultrasound. I think one puts me at 37 weeks by the weekend, and one puts me at 37 weeks tomorrow. I wonder which one my midwife will accept if I go into labour before the weekend. I really want to stay at home, which I can't do until I'm 37 weeks. I almost wondered if something was beginning when I woke up this morning. Both my daughters labours started in the morning, as I was waking up, or shortly thereafter. This morning I was pretty uncomfortable, but then again, I usually am. This was a little worse though.

I'm trying a new quiet time plan out. It's become apparent that Verity is pretty much done with naps, with, I'm sure, a few exceptions from time to time. However, we (ok, I) need the break after lunch. Jairus still plays nicely in his room for the quiet time. Honour on the other hand had gotten a little annoying. She used to sit in the 'quiet chair' and look at books or listen to a book on tape or radio drama. Well, she's sick of the cds we have and isn't interested in looking at books for an hour. Sooo, today I brainstormed a new plan. Both the girls would have quiet time in their room (right, that'll be quiet). But they have to stay on their beds and they can only play with the small selection of toys that I keep in their rooms. Or look at books, which there's dozens of in their room too.
Well, I've already taken Honour out and restationed her on the floor of my bedroom because they started screaming at each other over some toy. And while they are supposed to stay in the rooms with the doors closed, except for bathroom or some other emergency, they've both come out once each for bathroom, once each for a drink and once or twice each for some other reason.

I've cleaned up pee from two kids already today. Sigh.

I'm eagerly awaiting our tax return. We'll be paying off my student loan (yeeehawwww!!) and establishing the all important 'emergency fund' that Dave Ramsey insists you should have. After trying to follow his and Crowns ideas for the past 3 years or so with some, but not all the success I would have liked to see, we're finally going to knuckle down and establish this fund as both sources say you should do at the very start of a financial/get out of debt plan.
With the remaining money (there'd better be remaining money....grrr) we can get a few baby things. We need a carseat, I'll probably just get a used one. We DON'T have to get a new co-sleeper as I thought we would, as James opened it up and tighted all the loose spots. Cool. We need to buy some cheapie Ikea mattresses, because we're putting the girls into bunk beds. We were given some bunks, but no mattresses and I wanted to get that done before the baby comes and hopefully give the girls a week or two in the new beds before another huge change hit the house. I was looking at Honour last night in her little Dora toddler bed and she just...barely....fits. It's time. And there's a few miscellaneous things---the kids and I all need hair cuts, we should really hire an exterminator because we have a little ant problem that I know will just get worse as the weather gets better...etc.

And I really have so many things to do that I shouldn't be sitting here blogging.

So see ya later.


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