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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little update...no baby yet.

There are times when I don't understand how I could feel so miserable and not be in labour. Yesterday was a good case in point. I had an AWFUL night with very little sleep and continued to feel rotten all day. Usually I go out around noon to do some vocal coaching at an elementary school, but I just could not make myself do it. My good friend Sonia, who normally watches my kids at that time, came over anyway and made the kids their lunch....ah, good friends are so lovely....

As evening came, I dreaded having to get myself out for choir rehearsal. I really do wonder how much this babe weighs now, as there are times where I feel like I'm carrying a couple dumbells in there. The only thing that got me out of the house was the prospect of seeing my chiropractor first. As well as my usual adjustments, she did a few things that might apparently get labour going....but no luck yet.

I still find my hand gravitating to the top of my belly a few times a day to check for head/butt status. Still good I believe.

Made it to the homeschooling convention this past weekend, which, as much as I hoped to go into labour early, was still a goal. It was a good day. James and I went out to breakfast for the first time since....we lived in Chicago, I think. I had very yummy waffles with strawberries. We made it over to the convention centre in time for the first set of workshops and spent the day taking in various seminars and perusing the large room of booths with all manner of homeschooling resources.

So today I see my midwife and perhaps have a little procedure to get labour going. Never pleasant...but worth it in the end!


Darryl said...

may you enjoy smooth sailing... or some other metaphor for a quick and pain free or at least minimal.

Blessings on your family!!!

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