Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm feeling a little scatterbrained---headed into a season of busyness here that I sort of like and sort of dread all at the same time...does that sound normal?

Babies are napping, well, 2 out of 3, hoping three will settle soon. So now I can blog...I'm so looking forward to having my own room again. Baby girl is in with us right now, but in the new house, she'll share with big sister. Surprisingly, she slept through the night last night...not quite sure why. She'll be one on the weekend so it's about time...but it was a surprising thing none the less.

Had the funeral for David on Wednesday last week. It was really long--over two hours and the order of service was like, 19 pages. I was good until the Male Orpheus choir sang---goosebumpy. The HCC Concert choir with alumni, myself included sang right after, so I was already on the road to blubberland. Made it through the verses, but lost it when the song splits into 8 parts. Good thing the other four girls on my part were solid, cause my voice was doing strange things...
It frustrated me a little because I can usually hold it together for these kinds of things, and in my mind I was singing for Mr. Davis, so I wanted to do well, make him proud...but I guess I won't dwell on it. It was a georgous song anyway. I'll have to see if I can get hubby to host it on his site and then y'all can hear it too.

So, busyness. Meetings, rehearsal tonight. Jairus has a little teeth surgery tomorrow and then I'm supposed to go sing for an event in the evening. Really wish I hadn't scheduled that, but I'm sure James will be fine with the kids. It's just teeth. Not like last time when he ended up back in hospital with infection. Still a little nervous.
James has got recording events the next few weekends---good for him, bad for me, single momming it.
HCC Spring concert coming up. Always a little stressful leading up to these things. Trying to pack for the move some. Got one bookshelf put away...that would be about it. Need to buy diapers. Need to buy dogfood. Hate having to do that with the three kids cause it's so much hassle for such a quick errand. I love drive-through ATM's. Can't every store have drive throughs? Shoppers, Price Choppers, Zehrs. That would be very cool.

Now to focus on exciting things. We bought a new couch and love seat from....get ready for this...Stoney Creek Furniture. (va-va-voom). I told myself that I would never buy another cruddy piece of furniture from the likes of Leons or the Brick after our bedroom set fiasco. (Ok, fiasco might be a little harsh...we bought this set only seeing it from the flyer, none in stock, when we got it, what appeared to be a cast iron decorative piece in the headboard turned out to be some resiny-plastic crapola stuff that broke and just how do you think it looks when people see your broken headboard...mhmmm, wink, wink, elbow, elbow)
So my goal/dream was to buy from the best place I knew around, and that would be SCF. We got a great deal! Got a floor model on sale. So excited. Never bought brand new before.

ANDDDDD...we also bought an outdoor playground thingy for my wee ones. So excited about that too. See, here's my theory: Moving will be stressful for my babes who have only lived here in B-ford. Well, Jairus lived in Stoney Creek, but he won't remember that. My girls were actually born in this house...sniff sniff, sorta didn't think about that before...anyway, off topic. My idea is that if we have this wonderful climber/swingset set up in the backyard when they arrive, they will think this place is just amazing and will be thrilled to bits when they realize we will be LIVING in it permanently. We'll have the week between closing on new house and closing on old house to paint and do improvements, so they'll have a week of spending days at the new house playing on said playground and sleeping in familar old house...than on the 30th...we stay. And they'll be thrilled. Dontcha think?

I'm also excited about this set because when I first started looking for a set, I was checking out ebay and stuff, and Toys R Us and Little Tikes, trying to decide which one would be best. The one my heart set on was the Little Tikes Variety climber which I found on ebay a few times, but never a close enough location to seriously bid. Retail was 700$. I knew we really shouldn't be spending that kind of money, but I really liked it and thought it would be most suitable for my three---little slide for little one, swings and larger slide for bigger two...really cute.
Then last week I happened to check on Toy's R Us and lo and behold, the Variety climber was on sale, 200$ off regular. We hustled right over to Hamilton and snatched one up. Course, the thing is montrous and can't fit in our mini-van so we have to figure out how to get it now...

So anyway, sorry if my mundane events are somewhat boring to the average passerby. I usually try to blog some specific halfway exciting thing, but I'm in a writey mood. Guess I should go do something more useful...like laundry.


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