We're in the Money...

Friday, May 19, 2006

I think our opportunity for fame and fortune has arrived.

I just received in the mail a notice that we could be part of a class action law suit against the province of Ontario for failing to provide services to special needs children. It all sounds vaguely familiar...something about families having to surrender custody of their special needs children to the Province because they didn't have the money to see to all their needs, and the government would only give the money if these kids were in a state-run home. Very sad, I remember.

So now, we get this letter that we could be part of it, and if it's successful, possibly get a share of $500 million dollars.

Ho, that's a heck of alot of money. Course, who knows how many people it would be split between. It goes back to 1997. (Do you realize that's almost 10 years ago? How many of you out there still think of the 90's as just a short time ago? I know I do.)

So we're given the choice to do nothing and be included, or send in a form and opt-out.


Tough decision.

Generally, I'm against law suits.

But this is the government we're talking about here. I think what it comes down to, is that I feel like we have no right to be a part of it. We have no right to complain. I've long maintained that except for the breast pump that we had to rent for 18 months, everything Jairus has ever needed has been provided. 2 months in hospital. Four surgeries, counting this past Tuesday for his teeth. Numerous specialists. Equipment they sent home with us--suction pump, monitors, endless supplies of feeding bottles and tubes. Nursing care, home therapists and now speech and occupational therapy at the local children's centre.

We didn't have to pay one red cent.

Well, ok, there was a couple dentist appointments that I think we had to cover. But in 5 years, that's pretty negligable. He's now covered for that too, through a government program. His prescriptions are covered too. Our health system has frankly, been quite amazing to us since Jairus arrived. I've often considered what a blessing OHIP has been and so that's why I can get on telethons and radiothons and speak truthfully about this exact thing. Canada has a great thing going here. And after living in the States, I know many Americans who envy it.

But man, if I read in a few months that 500 people won this class-action law suit...


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