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Monday, May 1, 2006

Hello Everyone:

Exciting news; Jairus, James and I have been asked to be on the Mother's Day Telethon this weekend for the McMaster Children's Hospital. I've been told we'll be seen on Sunday at 6:00pm, but I'll confirm that when I receive the letter.

This is the second time our little boy will grace the TV screens of Ontario. Having been born in March, he was still in hospital when the telethon rolled around in 2001. He was an adorable, cooing little bundle of tubes at 6 weeks old when we did an interview by his bedside.

So tune in and donate to our amazing Children's Hospital! Many doctors, nurses and therapists were used by God to save our son's life and bring him to where he is today. The McMaster Children's Hospital is a blessing that few are fully aware of!

Hey, uh, somebody tape it, ok? My vcr's busted.



Carolynn said...

I'll try to tape it!

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